Motivo Ninja Pro Scooter Warranty Coverage and Terms


This product is covered by a warranty policy from factory/manufacturing defects. All defects or issues that have been incurred during the use and possession of the users are not included. During this timeframe, Motivo will repair your product. Subject to the terms, the warranty will cover a 1-year service warranty, 6-month warranty for the motor, part warranty and battery of Ninja Pro Scooter.

The brake pads, tubes, tires, pedals, shocks, crank arm, chain issues, misaligned t-pose, consumable parts and regular wear and tear of all parts are all excluded from the warranty terms. Any damages, malfunctions performance issues caused by collision, fire, any forms of accidents, environmental conditions, overloading, lack of routine care and maintenance, and/or other misuse not in line with the product's intended purpose.


  • Customer must promptly advise Motivo Tech of any significant issues found in the unit within seven (7) days upon receipt for repair, replacement, or refund subject to the Company’s technical support’s assessment. In any case that unit is found to have technical issues within the seven (7) day period, Motivo Tech will pick up the unit for repair or replacement without charge.

  • For technical issues found after the seven (7) day period, the Customer is welcome to bring the unit at Motivo Tech’s service center for proper assessment. In any case that the Customer cannot personally bring the unit, Customer can opt to have it picked up by Motivo Tech with a minimal fee of PHP 950, or by a third-party courier service*.

  • You will either be instructed to solve/address this problem on your own through our assistance/parts delivery for your convenience. Otherwise, for more serious problems that cannot be remotely diagnosed and addressed, you will be asked to bring it to our service center. *rates of third-party courier service shall be applicable.

  • The Customer agrees to hold harmless, to indemnify, and to keep indemnified the Company for any all losses or liability arising in connection with injury, death, and damage to property caused in possession of the unit. 

  • If you are asked to bring your unit to our service center, make sure that you bring the warranty receipt to show proof of purchase and legitimacy of claim.


      • Overloading and over-speeding (usage of the product beyond the specified weight and/or speed limits)

      • Extreme heat exposure of the product to temperatures above 130°F or below 0°F

      • Exposing the product to flood water, windstorms, hailstorms or other unnatural instances

      • Immersion of the product to any liquid medium

      • Self-alteration of the program or the electronic system

      • Lost of warranty receipt.

      • Improper battery maintenance
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